“Honestly George, why do they have to bring up this ‘gay’ thing?”

“Oh, for the love of God Dorcas, why must everything offend you so?” said George, disgusted by his wife’s constant judging of anybody and everybody.

So Dorcas wants to know “Why?”

Because in this blog I intend to be honest and write about what I find, what I have found and I will also be complaining about the bias that exists, and leads bigoted people down the path of altering facts so they become lies in family trees.

Now, I do not plan on outing anyone.  Neither should you.  If you have an agenda either to prove your point, or punish someone, don’t go there.   I don’t.

We will now take questions from the audience:

Question: Murial Fahrquartet, Omaha. “I do not approve of homosexuality.”

Answer: That isn’t a question, is it?  The simple fact Madam, is that what you approve of, or disapprove of, is your problem, not mine.  Do you understand what I am saying?  A question ends in a question mark, or is something said to which you expect an answer.   A statement of fact ends in a period.  This is the Q&A of the post.  Got it, Hon?   Next?

Question: Preston Thingmerajobbie, Tallahassee, Florida. “Why do you gay’s feel like you need to rub in our faces?”

Answer: First of all, calling an entire population set “you gay’s” is simply bad grammar.  Why do gay people feel the need to rub it your face?  I don’t want to rub anything in your face sir.  You are not my type.  What I am trying to do is point out that you are the one with a problem, while I am the one with the blog.  Get it? Got it? Good?

Question: Teena Moore, Hog Liver Bayou, Texas. “So why are we here?”

Answer: Why, indeed.  That Teena, is the $64,000 question.

We are here because this blog writer is gay.  I will be drawing from my own experiences in researching PEOPLE.  And PEOPLE are all different. Black, white, gay straight, smart, stupid, in all their colorful glory, and you need to embrace it.

In genealogy there are two tenants that we need to follow when it comes to all people:

  1. Be accurate and honest. For your own good, make sure that your person biases are set aside when you are researching.  If you have a person issue with a group of people, a race of people, a nationality and you let it taint your work, then all of your work gets tainted.  Remember, we are here to unlock a human logic puzzle.  We are not here to witness your hatred towards others, we are here to learn and to expand the field of knowledge.
  2. Remember: Do no harm.  If your aunt was a Lesbian, and she is alive, and she prefers to keep her private life a private matter, do not out her.  I mean it.  I was outed to my parents by a college roommate let me tell you, their moment of self righteousness hurt a lot of people.  Keep your nose out matters that involve the private “private” lives of the living that do not concern you. If your Uncle Cletus is living with his friend Floyd, do NOT assume that they are a couple.  You wait until they say they are a couple.  And if Uncle Cletus tells you they are a couple but not to tell anyone, you respect his wishes.  Trust me on this.  You betray Cletus and he will clean your clock, and cut you out of the will.

And trust me, people.  When I tell you that LGBT people are not a new invention, believe me.  When I tell you that it wasn’t until the mid 19th century that Queen Victoria criminalized it – but refused to criminalize Lesbian sex because “a lady would never do such a thing.” – believe me.   An trust me when I tell you that most likely, that at least one of your ancestors, going back ten generations, was most likely attracted to a person of the same sex as they, you had better bet that I am right, because I am.

As for Cookie, I can tell you that I have been my husband for over 20 years.  And that is longer than any of my parents marriages to people of the opposite sex.  For the record, neither of my parents was ever in a same sex relationship.  Don’t believe me, then get out your Ouija board and hold a séance because they have both passed.  In fact, according to the Washington Post, more same sex married couples have a edge at staying together than their straight counterparts.    In fact in 20 years, we have had one fight, we have never attended nor hosted an orgy, and in 20 years we have faced obstacles, and we are still together.  Can you honestly say the same thing?  Really?  Be honest.

So just as we understand:  This is not a “Gay” blog, but it is also not a haven for your biases.