Why another genealogy blog?

So, I am sitting here, in my home office, still out of sorts from jet lag, and I got to thinking.   Now this is dangerous stuff, because my mind, which is a bit ADHA, OCD,  dyslexic and scatterbrained, and at the moment, it is full of ideas, and concepts.  Focus is not my strong suit.  But sometimes, the gears mesh and “stuff” gets done.

Anyway, the jet lag comes from a trip that my husband and I made to Salt Lake City, Utah, for RootsTech 2017.   From the mid-Atlantic, it’s about a four hour flight.  And because our plane – a lovely, brand new Airbus – didn’t come with seatback screens, you can either do something like read a book, watch a movie on your smart device, drink (we were in First Class – so it was an option) or you can think.

Now reading isn’t an option because of the dyslexia.  It’s hard enough for me to read on surface that isn’t bouncing through turbulence.

Watching a movie on a my smart device wasn’t an option because there is that battery issue, and since we were in the bulkhead seats, my backpack, with the charging cord for my iPad, was trapped in the overhead bin, and because the fasten seat belt sign was on and even the airline attendants were strapped in, getting up wasn’t an option.

Drinking was out because I really don’t drink, and when I do I like being on firm ground, and with the turbulence 1) no attendants were manning the trollies and 2) jolts and roller motions and booze don’t mix unless you like that sort of thing, and I do not.

So thinking was my only option.

Now I have been an avocational genealogist for forty years.  And I have learned that when you have a passion as I do, if you really care about what you are doing, you can either do it carefully, or you can do it by applying the shampoo principle, which is “apply, wash, rinse, repeat.”   The problem with the shampoo principle is that if you aren’t careful, you are going to run out of shampoo and hair for that matter.

And yes, I am bald.

My point, and I do have one, is that we all have to start some place when we decide that we are going to begin something in Genealogy.  Whether is the interest in it as a hobby, the opening of a new line, the search for education or the  repeated ramming our heads into the preverbal brick wall over and over until we break through it, or, we get smart enough to step back, take some time, and decide if we are going to take a new path, or if we are simply going to let time, and new databases or DNA testing to advance our cause.

For me the challenge is whether or not I am going to pursue becoming “accredited” or “certified” in the field.

So why another genealogy blog? My hope is that I can give voice to the issues that you may have faced, or show you what kind of hole that I have fallen into (and hope you take away something from my mistakes to keep you out of that hole) or that you will read something and correct, or encourage me.

I do understand that for a while, I will be pretty much talking to myself.  I don’t plan on advancing this blog or promoting it until it gets some meat on the bones of it.

So if you see me, here, rambling about, with no feed back, do be kind to the man who is blogging to himself.